Monday, October 20, 2014

Goofy Kids

Hey boo,

How's it going?

We have the goofiest kids ever! While they can frustrate me to no end, there are other times where they just crack me up, or melt my heart from cuteness!

With the girls being talking machines, they say the funniest things. And then there are some things that they are saying wrong, but I won't correct them because I just love it so much.

For example, Violet says "ice cone." That means "ice cream cone." Both girls also refer to a pine cone as an "ice cone" too!

Charlotte sings "Twinkle little star, how I wonder, how are you?" And I'm pretty sure my mom thinks that is how the song goes because my mom sings it that way back to her... Oh well, she can sing it like that, it won't hurt for now!

They also sing Baa baa black sheep... And they say "One for the master, one for the day!" Instead of dame...

Violet might be inheriting some of my moms dyslexia (remember over hang?). She will occasionally say something backwards, the most recent example being "feed bird" for a "bird feeder."

Yesterday before spa, Violet was running around nakee, and Charlotte was behind her and Violet tooted so big! She basically farted right on her sister, with no clothing to filter it! I had to hide my face so she wouldn't know I was laughing about it.

Some sad stuff is that I still have your belt hanging off the coat hook in the kitchen. And Violet was grabbing it and pulling it. And I told her not to play with it because it was Daddy's and I didn't want it to break. And she said "Oh, he forgot it?" And I was just like, "um... not really... I don't know how to explain it..." And then I decided to say "He couldn't bring it with him, so it had to stay here." And she said, "Oh."

Speaking of "Oh." Will says that all the time! I'll say something to him like, "the bus is  yellow." And he just says "Oh." Ha! Apparently I'm not very interesting!

His vocabulary is really so much better than the girls at this age. Remember we were so excited about Violet says "doctor" as one of her first 2-syllable "big" words. Will is already starting to string 2 words together... Like "right there" (righ dare) or "in there" (in dare) or "no way." He also says "monkey," "pumpkin" (pung-kn), "sisser" (sister), "Charlotte" (I can't even phonetically spell how he says it, but it's cute), "Violet" (Vi-lt)... Oh, he also says "No!" a lot, which is of course super awesome... :-P But a cute way he says "no" is when he's playing a puzzle. He puts a piece in a spot, and if it doesn't fit, he says "nooooo," and then he tries another spot and says "noooo..." He's obviously repeating what the adult usually says when it goes in the wrong spot, it's so cute!

There is so much more I have to tell you, but I keep forgetting...

I wish you were here so much to see this. You would love it!

I miss you.


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