Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fine Motor vs Gross Motory

Hey boo,

How's it going?

So, I just need to tell you about this observation I have with the girls. And I'm pretty sure I've noticed it before, but it's becoming  more apparent as they learn new skills.

I've noticed that Charlotte is definitely better at the fine motor skills, while Violet is better at gross motor.

Charlotte was the first to be able to take her pants off, and put them back on all by herself. Violet still struggles sometimes putting them on by herself. I think it's because she's always in such a hurry and doesn't have much patience. She ends up putting both legs in the same hole, and then gets frustrated because she can't find the other hole... But Charlotte is slow and steady, and really focuses on where she's putting her feet/legs.

Charlotte holds a crayon or marker more appropriately than Violet. Violet will still use a fist like hold, or some other weird way of holding, while Charlotte pretty much holds it like how most people hold a pencil. Charlotte is also much more into coloring than Violet. Violet gets bored really quickly with that activity. Their pictures look different too. Charlotte will draw circles and lines, and Violet likes to scribble in one spot.

Charlotte is able to open doors by turning the doorknob now. Yikes! I've had to child-proof them with the doorknob cover things. Violet gets frustrated and stops trying right away when attempting to turn a doorknob. The other day, Charlotte even figured out how to open a drawer that IS childproofed with a special hook thing that prevents it from  opening it all the way. You have to push the thing down to open it, and she knew what to do. It's the drawer with knives in it, so that is just awesome... I'm really going to have to teach her not to go in that one, or find a better lock!

Charlotte also can put her shoes on by herself every time. Most of the time she gets them on the correct feet, but if I see she is doing it wrong, I just say "Uh-oh, it goes on the other foot. Try again!" And she will laugh and say "Oh!" And take it off to put on the other foot. Violet occasionally puts on her shoes, but again, no patience. She usually asks me to do it for her. The both can obviously take their shoes off, easy cheesy.

For gross motor stuff, Violet is ahead of Charlotte. She was obviously the one to walk, run, and jump before Charlotte. She is also the one who could climb on the couches before Charlotte. She was also the one who could jump OFF the furniture first. I attributed it to her dare-devil personality, but I think it also has to do with gross motor.

Violet could walk up the stairs like a normal person (stepping vs. climbing on all fours) first. She is now able to do it without holding on to the railing, although I tell her she needs to hold on anyways, just in case. She was also the first to be able to walk down the stairs like normal, although she still holds on to the railing. Charlotte is now able to do both of these, but she still has to hold on when going up the stairs.

Violet can also balance on one leg pretty good. She is so going to be a little cheerleader!

Well, I think that's it for now. It is so interesting watching 2 kids the same age grow up and develop at the same time. I wish you were here to see it.


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