Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kid Stories

Hey boo,

How's it going?

I haven't been writing in my daily journal as much lately, so I need to write down some funny/cute kid stories, so I figured I'd email them to you!

Story #1
So, bedtime with the girls is getting to be wonky. I screwed up there routine, so it's kind of a free-for-all until I can finally get them into their cribs. I just can't get them back onto our typical routine.

Anyway, they like to look out their bedroom window while I'm changing their diapers and getting them into their jammies. It's getting dark out earlier now, so the other night we were talking about how the sun was going "night-night," so they needed to go night-night too.

So of course, Violet asks "Why?" And I tell her that when it's dark out, that means you should be sleeping.

So, we said "night-night" to the sun and they got in their cribs. (Of course, they didn't actually fall asleep until 45 minutes later...)

Well, during this past weekend, I was trying to get the girls ready and in their cribs for nap-time. And Violet says, "But the sun is awake! It's bright out!"

Touche, Violet. Touche... :-)

I just told her that a nap was different than going "night-night." It was something you do when the sun is still awake...

I'm not sure she bought it, but they did both eventually take a nap. Yay!

Story #2
The kids are getting so smart. Sometimes they just blow me away when they start doing or saying new things. I miss my babies, but I also love seeing them grow up. These kids are completely different than the kids you knew. I wish so much that you were here, you would laugh all the time at these little goofballs.

Anyways, last night I was changing Charlotte's diaper, and we were talking about school (we do that a lot, it's our main topic of conversation because I never know what to talk about with them!). She was talking about how she like Ms. Emily (because she was there when I picked the girls up). I asked her if she liked Ms. Genna too? She said yeah. And then she says, "She go bye-bye." And I said, "Ms. Genna went bye-bye."

Charlotte: "Yeah, in her car."
Me: "Oh."
Charlotte: "She go to her house."
Me: "Yup, she probably did go to her house."
Charlotte: "She take her shoes off."
(slight pause)
Charlotte: "She eat food."
Me: "Yup, she eats her dinner."
Charlotte: "She go spa."
Me: (laughs a little) "Yup, she probably will take a spa."
Charlotte: "Then she play a little bit."
(slight pause)
Charlotte: "She go night-night."
Me: Just looking at her in awe as I realize the sequence of events she just told me. It's our typical evening routine after school. I feel like it's a big deal or a milestone for them to remember and be able to list out a bunch of steps in a row like that. So I just say "Wow, Charlotte! That was a really good sequence! You are so smart!"
Charlotte: "Yeah."

:-) Goofy girl!

Story #3
In the morning on school days, I wake up and get myself ready. Then I wake up the girls, change diapers, get them dressed, and do their hair in their bedroom. I leave their outfits out the night before just outside their room. I usually have a stash of diapers in their room for middle-of-the-night diaper changes and after spa and whatnot.

Anyway, I grab their clothes and walk in and realize there are no diapers left on the shelf. Both girls are laying down and it sounds like they are snoring, so instead of waking them up to bring them downstairs for diaper change, I just walk out and run downstairs to grab more diapers.

I walk back into their room and Charlotte is standing up in her crib, in the corner closest to the door, looking out the door. For some reason, it really surprised me/scared me, because I wasn't expecting it. I thought they were both sleeping.

So I jumped and yelled "Ah!" really big!

And because I yelled loudly, it made Charlotte jump really big.

And then I just started cracking up. "You scared me!" I told her. Fortunately because I was laughing, she started laughing too instead of crying because she got scared.

Of course this silly little moment woke Violet up, but that was OK.

It was just a funny way to start the day.

OK, I think that's it for now. I never stop wishing that you would be here to experience all of this craziness. I just look at these kids and know how much you would love them.

I miss you.


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