Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Could we BE any Later?!?!?

Hey boo,

How's it going?  I'm just all flustered because we were running super late this morning.

I forgot to turn on my alarm clock, so I woke up at a time where if we were actually walking out the door at that time, I'd still be 5 minutes late to work... Ugh!

Both of the girls were awake by the time I was done getting myself ready, so they like to go down the stairs themselves.  But they were taking F O R E V E R!  Dilly dallying, pointing at the mark on the wall, the pictures on the wall, wanting to hold the banister and actually "walk" down the steps instead of scooch-schooching... I finally just had to scoop them up and carry them down.  That did NOT make them very happy.

So since that made them crabby, then it was a wrestling match to change their diapers and get them into their clothes...  I decided to not give them any breakfast, so I just gave them their apple juice, but then they wanted their milk too, so that was another thing they were crabby about...

I woke up Will, and only changed his diaper, I just left him in his jammies.  And I decided not to give him his bottle, and just let daycare do it.

Then I had to get all their "winter" gear on.  Another wrestling match with the girls... And Will is upset because I'm not feeding him or holding him...

Basically, there was a lot of crying from the kids this morning, and I was running around like crazy...

When we got to daycare, I just put them in their rooms and didn't take off any of their winter gear.  I barely even kissed them good-bye and I was out the door.

And then the roads were HORRIBLY ICY!!!  And schools were open today, so there are a lot more cars on the road than there were the past 2 days... So I could only go 30-40 mph the whole way to work...

Yeah, it was a rough morning.

I miss you.


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