Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Little Mermaid

Hey boo,

How's it going?  I'm just dreading bringing the kids in to daycare tomorrow because it's supposed to be super cold... bleh...

So anyways, my mom got us The Little Mermaid on DVD a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure we've watched it about a million times since then ("and then I took a 100 hour nap..." So I exaggerate a little... :-P).  I watched that movie a lot when I was younger.  It was so fun to hear all of the songs again!

But I don't know if it's just because I'm a grown-up now, or maybe because I'm a little over-analytic on this work of fiction, but there are parts that just make me feel like WTF when I'm watching it.  Remember my rant about the Tinkerbell movies, well it's kind of the same as that. :-)

First of all, the Little Mermaid/Ariel is only 16 years old!!!! Um, what?!?!  I think that is a little young to be settling down with someone...

Speaking of settling down with someone, not only is she young, but she also hardly knows the guy.  She saw him once dancing/hanging out on his ship, and then rescued him from drowning, and suddenly she's all like "But Daddy, I love him!!!"  Really?!?!?!  You have NEVER even talked to him!  Cuh-razy!!!

Oh yeah, since I just mentioned "Daddy", let me tell you about the girls... So they are pretty much repeating A LOT of what they hear nowadays... And I think they kind of understand what is going on in the movie, they aren't just looking at the pretty colors anymore.  They laugh at funny things, and say "Oh no!" when something bad happens.  Anyways, there is a part where King Triton catches Ariel with her "whosits and whatsits galore" and goes ape-sh*t and destroys everything.  He's about to destroy the statue of the Prince and she's like "DADDY, NO!!!"  Oh. My. Word.  Now Violet says "Daddy no!" all the time!  As soon as I turn on the movie, "Daddy no!"  Any mention of Little Mermaid, "Daddy no!"  Just randomly playing with something unrelated to the Little Mermaid, "Daddy no!"  Awesome.  I feel like if she says that in public, people won't understand why she is saying it, and think she is saying something about having 'no daddy.'

I tried to explain to them that King Triton is Ariel's daddy.  But now they sometimes call him 'daddy' when they are watching the movie.  [Did I ever tell you that the first time we watched the movie, when King Triton comes out in the beginning, Charlotte yells "Santa!"  Hahaha!!!  They think anybody with a white beard is Santa.]  Anyways, at first I didn't correct them about it being Santa because it was just too funny.  Then I tried to explain that it wasn't Santa, that was King Triton.  But now they are calling him 'daddy'.  For example, they like to say "bye-bye" to a bunch of stuff when they are going upstairs for nap or spa.  "Bye-bye brother"  "bye-bye Elmo"  "bye-bye books"... Today the Little Mermaid was on and Charlotte said "Bye-bye Daddy" on her way up to nap.  That time I corrected her by saying that he is King Triton, and that your daddy is in these pictures that we kiss every night during our bedtime routine.  I pointed to you in the pictures a bunch of times to try and reinforce that you are her daddy.  After nap, I pulled out a picture book that has a million pictures of you in it to look at with the girls.  Ugh, I just feel like they are getting "mixed messages" or something, and they are getting confused about who their daddy is, or what daddy means.  I'm just going to show your pictures to them way more than I do now.

Anyways, I guess that's it about the Little Mermaid.  We watch it A LOT so that's why I needed to talk about it.  :-P

Oh wait, I thought of one more thing!  I'd just like to say thanks to the Little Mermaid for teaching the girls to put a fork in their hair.  When they saw the movie the first time, as soon as Ariel finds the "dinglehopper", they both point and say "FORK!"  Now, when we are eating, they will put their fork in their hair.  I guess they think they are combing it.  These kids, I tell you what... :-P

Ok, now that's it.


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