Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hey boo,

How's it going?  I just had another crazy evening...

First, the girls didn't nap today, which always equals awesome evenings.  And Will didn't want to take his second nap, so he was a bundle of joy this evening too.  :-P

But then on top of that, poor Violet was super constipated.  :-(  I felt sooo bad for her.  She said her poopoo was stuck in her butt.  So I kept telling her to push it out into her diaper.  She kept grabbing at her butt and asking to go on the potty.  I guess the potty thing is good because at least she knows she is supposed to go poopoo on the potty...

I've been giving her my "extra special apple juice" I make for them, which is just water with a little bit of apple juice in it.  :-)  But as the day went on, I started increasing the concentration of apple juice for her.  Then after dinner, I gave her some prunes baby food to try and help too.  But it was like all of that made it worse, so this evening ALL she could talk about was poopoo.  She was to the point where she was crying about it.  I felt horrible!

So, while that is going on, Will is being uncharacteristically spazzy because he is overly tired.  And maybe hungry.  I ended up giving him his bottle about 30 minutes earlier than bedtime.  And while I was feeding him, poor Violet was spazzing, as I mentioned above.  I told her that first brother had to finish his bottle, then I was going to change his diaper and put him to bed, and then I would help her go poopoo somehow.

So, I put Will to bed, but he was still screaming in his crib, which again, is not typical for him. :-(  Poor baby...

I decided that since it was like Violet was trying to reach in and grab the poop out of her butt, I figured I'd "take her temperature" the gross way... We had to do that with Will right after you died, because he was given liquid formula CONCENTRATE that wasn't mixed with any water.  So he got pretty backed up during that time.

Anyways, I was expecting something instant to happen because of that, but it didn't.

Meanwhile, Will is still screaming.  So I decided to give him another few ounces of formula to see if he was still hungry.  While I was making the bottle, Violet was standing at the gate SCREAMING because she had to poopoo.  I was almost crying with her, I felt so bad.  I felt her diaper to see if any poop had come out yet, and I could tell she was finally pushing.  But she was screaming the whole time.  Poor girl.  But then, as my hand was on her butt, I literally felt her poop go into her diaper.  It was so gross, but I was just like, Yay!  You did it!  And she was like "I did it!" :-)  I asked her if she had anymore to push out or if I could change her diaper, and she said "More poopoo" so I figured I'd wait and let her finish before I changed her.

Anyways, back to Will... Giving him a few more ounces of formula did the trick, he was still crying after I put him in his crib, but at least this time he stopped within a few minutes.

And I changed Violet's diaper, and she was in such a better mood after that.  I'm so glad she was able to go before they went to bed tonight, otherwise I know she wouldn't sleep well tonight.

Anyways, that is my TMI for the night.  My life revolves around bodily fluids... I think I need to tell you about Will's worst blow out that happened the other day, I think it was the worst one I've ever had to deal with out of all 3 kids...

Ok, I guess that's it.  I'm starving.  The kids just went to bed so now I finally get to eat something.


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