Monday, May 5, 2014

All the Women Who Are Independent...

Hey boo,

How's it going?

The girls are getting pretty darn independent... Which is good, and bad.  Well, not bad, but just, inconvenient...

They like to try and put on their clothes themselves.  Which is fine on my days off.  But on mornings when we are trying to get out the door so I can get to work, it really sucks.  I don't want to discourage them, so I let them try a little bit, but after like 30 seconds, I'm like, OK, let Momma do it... Which causes screaming and/or tantrums.  Awesome.

They also like to pick out what they are going to wear, or they know what they should be wearing if sister is wearing a certain outfit.  For example, Violet has a purple shirt with a crown on it.  Typically when Violet wears that shirt, Charlotte has a gray shirt with purple & pink hearts on it.  It coordinates.  Well, one time I tried to put Charlotte in some completely other shirt, and she flipped out.  So, I had to find that heart shirt for her to wear.  Or, if I tried to put the purple crown shirt on Charlotte, the world would probably end for both of them, even though it doesn't matter who wears it, because it fits both of them.  But they know which clothes are "theirs."  Again, no big deal on my days off, but work mornings... Ugh...

And today, Charlotte didn't want to wear socks, and apparently Violet's shoes were "too big."  Um, Violet, you've been wearing those shoes for months... So, I asked her if she meant too tight, and she said "Yeah."  But I felt where her toe was, and they are still pretty good, so I don't know what her deal was.

Anyways, I was like, fine, do you want to wear other shoes?  Because they have way more pairs of shoes than I even do!  She said yeah, so I pulled out their "dress" shoes.  And of course, she wanted to "do it myself."  Ugh...  And I told Charlotte that she could wear a different pair of shoes, but she would have to wear socks with them.  And then she had to put her socks on herself...

Anyways, more of this back and forth nonsense went on, and by the end of it, the girls were on their 3rd pair of shoes (their rainboots), and wanted to bring their dress shoes with them. But at least they both had socks on.

And as for their hair... "I do it!" says Charlotte... For real?  After a few times of me saying "Fine" and walking away to do something else, I hear "Help please!"  So, I get her hair into her ponytail.  Then she needs a hair clip in too.  Then Violet needs a hair clip.  And her Hello Kitty headband.

So basically, I feel like the girls are starting to act like "girly girls."  Which is awesome, because you know I always wanted that, despite the fact that I never dress them cute because I'm too cheap and too practical (I mean, for real, tights?  I don't want to deal with that for diaper changes all day!).

Anyways, mornings are always awesome.  I was actually up 20 minutes earlier than usual today, yet somehow, I still got to work 10 minutes LATER than usual... And my usual time I get to work is probably about 15 minutes late anyways.

Well, here's some music for our little independent women...


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