Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bottoms Up

Hey boo,

How's it going?

Spring is springing here.  Yay... I'm glad that warmer weather is coming and I won't need to worry about getting hats/mittens/coats on the kids, but it also makes me blah.  As usual, I think "Now I'm depressed!" :-P

There are about 2,934,757,349 things that rip my heart to shreds each day.  And the nicer days is one of them (or is it "are one of them"... meh, grammer police...).

This was your favorite time of year.

I remember when we were living in Arbor Heights, and you would see the kids out on the soccer fields on Saturday mornings (if we were awake early enough... ahhhh, the pre-kid days...), and you would say that it "warmed your heart" to see it.  And ever since then, anything that was slightly mushy/sentimental/put us in a good mood, we would always say it "warmed our hearts."  It became one of our many catch phrases in the Chaz/Sarah language...

Speaking of getting up early... Once we started acting somewhat like adults, and of course since having kids, you really enjoyed being up early on those nice, sunny, spring days.  Well, maybe I should phrase that differently... At least, once you were up you enjoyed it... The whole waking up and getting out of bed part still sucked.  But after jumping that hurdle, you were all good.

[Side note: One of the girls said she was "all good" the other day.  I couldn't help but snort.  Oh, the things they are picking up from me, I really need to watch it.  This morning I was changing Violet's diaper, and she reached down to her diaper area, and was like "My bootie."  And I was like, "Your bootie?  What about your bootie?"  And she just says "Yeah" because sometimes that's how they answer when they don't know what to say.  And so I asked her "Is your bootie bootie bootie bootie rockin' everywhere?"  And again, she just says "Yeah."  So, she's probably going to start telling people that her bootie is rockin' everywhere... Mom of the Year, right here... :-P]

Anyways... You said waking up early on those sunny, spring days made you feel motivated, and you felt like you accomplished something.  And I would look at you like you were crazy, because I could sleep all day, and I'd be like, you know what I accomplished?  Sleeping. Check!

Sometimes, we were such opposites... :-P (Just another catch phrase of ours...)

The temperature around this time was "perfect" for you, around 55-65 degrees.  It was still cold in my opinion, but you loved it.  Probably because you'd get hot easy... You'd roll down your windows, crank the radio, and have your sleeve rolled up as you drive.  Your "driving arm" would start getting tan again. :-)  And I would be like, burr, roll those windows up!

And speaking of cranking the radio, there is a song out there that totally reminds me of you, and I am absolutely positive this is one you would turn up and sing along to.

First, it reminds me of you because it's a country song.  Second, it makes me think of you, because it almost sounds like a rap song to me.  So, it reminds me of one of the awesome games we would play, where we would turn a country song into a rap song, and vice versa...

For the country songs, we'd throw in some "uuuhhhs" and "yeahs" and those grunty-type noises... Maybe some M-Fing swear words, maybe some inappropriate slang terms. We'd end words in an "ah" sound instead of an "er" sound, like "Thrilla" or something... And that Honky Tonk Ba Donkadonk would totally turn into a rap song!

And the rap songs, we'd take out swear words and use words like "gosh darrrrn" and of course stress the "rrrr" sound in everthing, like "gangsterrrr"... Maybe somehow replace the subject of our whip rollin' on Pirellis, to talking about our pick-up truck on Good Yearrrrs...

So anyways... The words in this song seem like they could easily translate into a rap song.  So maybe that's why the song appeals to me a little... Because you know how I am straight up gangsterrr thug... :-P

Yeah, the song is Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert.  And it always makes me think of you.  And I crank it up every time it's on, just for you (I haven't rolled the windows down yet though. :-P).  And I can pretty much HEAR you singing it.  There is one part in it where I know you would definitely sing it/put emphasis on it (something about "throwing it on down..."), kind of like how you would always say "...great white shark on shark week, UH!" (although, I just looked it up, and apparently the "uh" is actually the word "raw"... :-P).

Here's the video (I haven't watched it yet, so I have no idea if it's inappropriate or not, I just wanted you to hear the song):

So yeah, Bottoms Up!

You're probably wondering how I even heard this song, considering I'm not that big into country music... Oddly enough, out of the 12 pre-sets in my car radio, 4 of them are country stations!  So, one day I was flipping through the stations, which I do constantly because I hate commercials and morning talk, and I happened to stop and hear this song.

And I'm glad I did.

Pretty much all songs remind me of you.  You would use Jukebox Therapy on me, long before you were gone.  Typically whenever we were getting ready to go anywhere, I would be stressing out because we'd be running late, and a million things needed to coordinate in order for us to get out of the house.  You would say that I was being "pissy."  And you knew that to change my pissy mood, as soon as we got in the car and were driving away, you would scan the stations until you found a song that you knew would change my mood.

I loved how well you just "knew" me.  We were like "this." (I hope you can see me crossing my fingers.)

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I think about you constantly... Although, I hope you would already just know that...  I'll try to let the nice weather "warm my heart"...


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