Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fluent Sarah

Hey boo,

How's it going?

So, I can't remember if I wrote you about this already, but every since you died, my vocabulary has changed.

I would say that you spoke fluent "Sarah."  As in, I had my own language, and you totally understood it.  And you even joined in on some of it.  Maybe the language actually became "SarahChaz" because we were the only ones who could speak and understand it...

But now, I can't talk the same way I used to, because nobody would get it.

Who would understand if I said "There's a package on the dock."?  Nobody.  Now I just have to say, "There's a package by the front door."

But a little bit of our language is starting to slip back in every once in a while...

Last week, I called Will a "sicky moo."  Pretty much "moo" could follow anything in relation to the kids, because they are my "little moos."  :-)  I hadn't said "moo" with anything in almost 7 months...  It felt weird to say it again!

Then there are things that I didn't even notice that I still say, but the girls have said it to me, and it makes me laugh!

Violet has started describing things as "funny."  For example, twice this weekend she said "My pants are funny."  They were being too long, so she was stepping on them and needed me to roll them up.

I used to describe everything as "funny."  It was basically a universal term to say that whatever object I referred to was not in it's typical/preferred form.  Any time I would say something was "funny", you would go "Ha!" :-)  You were hilarious like that.

It was pretty hilarious hearing Violet say it.

So maybe I will pass on a little bit of our language to them.  And we'll probably keep adding to it too...

Missing you like whoa.


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