Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What we DID do!

Happy Anniversary Boo!

7 years!  Seven years of "pure" awesomeness and the worst heartbreak.

To think, I had been worried that you might get the "7 year itch"... if only that were it...

There are not even words to describe how much I wish we were celebrating our anniversary TOGETHER.  We should have spent this weekend at the JW, living it up concierge level style.  We should have had an Ada dog and a beer at Ritz Koney.  We should have walked around downtown, holding hands, talking about the kids and looking forward to Art Prize.

Us at the JW for your 30th b-day.
Yum, Ritz Koney

But of course, we didn't...

That's when I'm at my worst, when I'm thinking of everything that we should be doing... everything we planned on doing that we won't ever get to do... everything that you're missing...

But OK, enough pissing and moaning.  Today, I'm going to try and focus on what we DID do.  Everything we were able to do together because we had 7 wonderful years (well, technically 6 years, 10 months, and 20 days) of wedded bliss.  (Inside joke time:  Where you from?  State of Bliss! :-) ) (And technically, I still consider myself married to you, it's just not so blissful anymore...) [And all of this doesn't even include the fun we had during our 1.5 years of friendship, 1.5 years of being "boyfriend/girlfriend", and the 2 years of being engaged!  That will just have to be another email...]

So, during those 7 years...

*We lived it up on our honeymoon in Hawaii, flying first class together for our first (and only) time!
Lei making class!

*We bought (and had built) our first house!

Our lot!

The day we closed on our house!

*We watched GVSU Football play at 5/3 Ballpark.

GV - - SU!

*We went the Little River Casino for our 1 year anniversary.

Driving to the casino for our 1 year wedding anniversary.

*We put up a Christmas tree 7 times, and it wasn't until last year that you finally stopped being a Grinch about it. :-)
How do you really feel?
*You spent forever making a "wheel of shots" that you were really proud of (loved being the bartender!).

*We threw a kick-ass New Years Eve party.

*We went to Traverse City, in the middle of winter, twice...
Why didn't we go here when the weather was nicer?

*We went on a cruise...

...where saw Ft. Lauderdale, Florida...
Ft. Lauderdale
...and visited Coco Cay, Bahamas...

...and watched the captain of the boat be taken away by a Coast Guard helicopter...
The helicopter is above the boat

...and saw the Southernmost Point of the Continental USA.

*We watched my car "turn over". :-)
The Alero

*We bought 4 different cars!

The Civic

Mom's Taurus

*We made many, many new friends [way too many pictures for this one, I couldn't pick just one!]

*We watched cars race on dirt

*For our 2 year anniversary, we went to Mackinac Island...

...and Crossed over the "Mighty Mac"...

...and went through the locks in Sault Ste. Marie!

*We saw many of our friends get married. [again, too many pictures, I couldn't narrow it down to one!]

*We went apple picking.

*We dressed up for Halloween.

*We carved pumpkins.

*We stayed at the JW at least 5 times for sure (I'm having a hard time remember them all, so there might be more...).
Looking down from the landing inside the JW...

*You watched me play in a "band".
The other side of the sign says "Because I'm Hungry Like the Wolf!"

 *You grew a full beard... and I cried, so then you shaved it.
Oh how I hated your Grizzle Adams look...

*We watched more cars turn left...

*We said good-bye to my dad.

*We went to Myrtle Beach. (part of what we consider our 3rd Anniversary celebration)

*We went to Las Vegas. (another part of what we consider our 3rd Anniversary celebration)

*We went to Lowes Motor Speedway.

*We saw where the Hendrick team is located.

*I threw you a surprise party. [I can't believe I don't have a pic of you at the surprise party!]

*We fished (more like you fished and I read a book...)
Quite the catch!

*We grilled.
Does that grill make good burgers? :-)

*We met Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna!
Three Sheets = best show ever!

*We lit fireworks.
Lesson in firework safety...

*We went to Mackinac Island again.
Arch Rock

*We went to Niagara Falls (Canada) for our 4 year wedding anniversary
What water?

*We went to Chicago.

*We went to Art Prize every year.
This picture doesn't even begin to show how cool Art Prize is.

*We got mani/pedis!
You know you loved it!

*We went through lots of tests, 2 IUIs, a fresh IVF, and an FET.
Two of those little embryos we now call Violet and Charlotte! AMAZING!

*We got pregnant with twins!

*You saw my insides!  (This picture just cracks me up, thank you for thinking to take it... I think there is one of Will's too)

*We had 2 beautiful baby girls.
First family picture!

*We road tripped to IL with 2 babies!
Do you think we have enough stuff for only 2 nights?

*We watched our kids medal in the Olympics! :-)

*We saw a lot of deer and turkey in our backyard!

*We went to the beach.
Mommy-Daddy day in Grand Haven

*We went to the splash pad.

*We picked pumpkins.

*We played in the snow.

*We saw Santa Claus.

*We saw Frosty the Snowman.

*We shopped at Target.

*We taught our kids how to wrestle.

*We got pregnant by surprise!
One of my favorite pictures.

*We had a beautiful baby boy!

*We went to Festival of the Arts.

*We went to the park.

*We went to a parade.

*We went to the HMI Company Picnic.

*We took the kids to the Grand Haven pier.

*We went to the zoo.

*We went swimming in the neighborhood pool.

*Best of all, we had lazy days in front of the TV.

And so much more!

I am so glad that I am "picture crazy" because otherwise, I probably would only remember half of this stuff!  I loved looking back at these pictures and remember all the fun times we had.  There are really just too many to list!

I am so happy that we had these 7 years of marriage.  I love you!

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