Thursday, September 5, 2013

Your Nutter Butter Kids!

Hey boo,

How's it going?  Um, FYI, your kids are nutter butters... :-)

I wish you could see how much they've changed and grown over the past month.  Seriously, I feel like I can tell that the girls are both a little taller, and Charlotte's legs seem a little less chubby.  :-)  But Violet is still her skinny-minny self.  And Will's hair is starting to thin out on the sides and in the back, he sheds worse than the cat!

They have also learned so many new "tricks".

The other day, Charlotte did a somersault.  TWICE! And a few attempts at it that were a little sideways, but still, where did she learn that?!?!  Probably at school... I tried to get a video of it, but you know they never perform when the camera is on...  Then, I asked Violet to do a somersault today, and I'm pretty sure she knew what I meant!  She bent over and put her hands on the floor with her head down like she was about to somersault.  But she didn't go through with it.  She's so silly.

Will is "mobile" by rolling, and he can scootch himself around in a circle when he is on his belly.  Oh yeah, and he LOVES his feet.  He's always grabbing them and trying to put them in his mouth.  When I'm changing his diaper, he's just sucking away on his toe.  Gross-au-saurus!

Will just being all cute.

Speaking of Will, we totally had an "is that poop?!?!" moment the other day.  He was just jumping away in the jumperoo, and I just see it dripping down his leg and he's all jumping it in to the carpet.  It was horrible.  Plus this was happening during the time when I was trying to put the girls down to nap.  As I'm wiping up Will I can hear the girls playing/laughing/talking in their room... And I know that they must have poopy diapers, because you know how as soon as we put them in their crib, they poop.  So, I cleaned up Will as best I could and set him on a blanket on the floor, planning to spa him after I checked on the girls... Sure enough, both of the girls had poopy diapers... Ugh... I got them cleaned up, then Will got a spa.  It was basically Poop City, USA in our house during that time... Awesome.

Ok, so anyways, back to my point about the kids changing...  The girls have also learned so many new words, and they are starting to say really short sentences.

Today, we were reading the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?"  And it went a little like this:

Me:  "What color is the brown bear?"
Charlotte:  "Lellow."  (which means Yellow, of course)
Me:  "No, it's brown sweetie.  What color is the red bird?"
Charlotte:  "Lellow."
Me:  "No, it's red... What color is the blue horse?"
Charlotte:  "Lellow."
Me:  "Nope, it's blue.  What color is the yellow duck?"
Charlotte:  "Lellow."
Me:  "Yay!  Good job!  It IS yellow."

So yeah, I think her favorite color is yellow...

Charlotte flying a kite on Labor Day.

Whenever I try to get Violet to count, it goes like this:

Me:  "Violet, can you say 1?"  (holding up 1 finger)
Violet:  "Tooooo!"
Me:  "Ok, yeah, good job, 2 comes next... but can you say 1?"
Violet:  "Tooooo!"
Me:  "Ok, good job... 1... 2... 3.  Can you say 3?
Violet:  "Teeeeee!"
Me:  "Good job!  Now can you say 1, 2, 3?
Violet:  "Tooooo!"

I guess that means Violet's favorite number is 2...

Violet attempting to fly a kite on Labor Day.

I think Charlotte is still a little ahead of Violet on the whole vocabulary/speaking thing.  I can think of a lot of phrases that Charlotte says, but not much for Violet.  But we figured it would be that way anyways.  Just like Violet's motor skills are a little ahead of Charlotte.

So, Charlotte's obsession is asking "Where are you?"  She doesn't say it exactly like that, it's more like:

Beebee ahhhhrrre yooooo? (They actually just got some Fisher Price Little People, and one of them is a baby, so that is what she is looking for, not her brother.)
Ra-ow-rrr ahhhhrrre yooooo?  (Means Teresa where are you?  Teresa tends to sound a lot like how they say 'flower'.)

It's just really cute how she asks the question, dragging out the "are you".

Just a little naked coloring in the morning. 

Violet is obsessed with her feet lately.  She puts them on everything!  Feet on the book.  Feet on the table.  Feet on sister.  Feet on Momma.  Feet on Taggie!  Seriously, she puts her favorite tag by her big toe, and then still does her little sucky motion with her mouth.  Most of the time this feet thing is cute, except when she's putting them on Charlotte... Charlotte freaks out, saying "Feet! Feet!" because she doesn't want Violet's feet on her.

Speaking of Violet, I'm not really sure she is actually our child!  She has WAY too much energy, she never sits still!  You know how lazy we are, so I don't know where she gets it from... She does laps, running to the front door, then over to the laundry room, and back again (all while yelling her "aaahhh!" noise).  Sometimes, she likes to take the most round about way to do this, climbing over their princess car, squeezing through the smallest space between the ottoman and the jumperoo... This girl is going to be the first to visit the ER, and you know I will be freaking out.  Where can I find a helmet and enough bubble wrap to go around a toddler?  :-)

I'm in the kitchen and hear Violet whining.  This is what a find... That girl is the queen of nutter butters!

Well, I guess that is a little snippet about what's been going on with the kids.  I think they miss you. You were always the best at burning off their excess energy by throwing them around and being all wild with them.  Now it's just gentle Momma, who "throws" them in the air, but really they never leave my hands.  I think that's why they've been extra nutter-buttery lately, because they aren't getting that crazy time with you.  They usually ask for you at dinner time, pointing to the door where you would walk in after work or pointing to the chair you usually sat in at the kitchen table, saying "Dada?"  Those aren't my favorite moments... blah...

Anyways, I miss you a lot.  I hope you like the random pics I included, like the random pics I would email you before when I was home with the kids.  I'll try to keep you posted on any new sillyness that comes up with the kids.  There's sure to be a lot of it!


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