Monday, September 30, 2013

Offspring Update

Hey Boo,

How's it going?  I have about 437 million things that I want to talk to you about.  Every time a random thought pops in my head, I think "I need to talk to Chaz about that," or "tell Chaz about this"... but then I'm like, "oh."

But anyways, I have lots to tell you about the babies.

First, they are insane.

Second, they are growing way too fast.  Like, mach speed style.  I wish they would just cool it baked potato!  :-)


The most insane of them all.  Where does that little one store all her energy?  Why is she such a daredevil?

She loves to jump.  Like, frog jump, jump off the bottom step of the stairs, jump off of toys, jump, jump, jump.  This weekend, she decided she'd like to long jump over my legs.  I'll be sitting on the ground with my legs straight out, kind of in a V, so that each girl can sit on one of my legs.  Well, Violet stands up, and facing my leg, jumps over it!  That girl has mad ups!  After that, she didn't always make it over every time, and I basically feared for the safety of my leg, I felt as if I was laying on the ground and a monster truck was going to try to "jump" me or whatever...

Today, she took 2 little toys that brother was playing with (the triangle piece of pie and a connector monkey), and stacked them on top of each other to jump over those toys.  Of course, those toys are like 1 inch tall, so it was easy for her to jump over... :-)

Also, she is so fricken tough!  So, with all her jumping, she will fall down.  A lot.  But she is just like, boom, right back up again!  Sometimes she will have random scrapes or bruises that I don't even know where they came from because she didn't cry when she fell down.

Silly Violet

She is just like me because she hates anything "ucky"... Any time there is a spot anywhere, she has to point to it and say "ucky"... She also hates hair.  Since my hormones are coming back down from being pregnant and nursing Will, my hair is falling out like crazy, so it's everywhere.  She will find a hair and pick it up and say "ucky" and "err" (which means hair).  I think I will need to teach them the term "ooobie".  :-)

She does some of the sayings from their fave cartoons.  For example, in Super Why (you should be glad you don't have to endure this cartoon), there is a part that says "Peas & carrots, carrots & peas, book come out, please please please" and Violet says "peee peee peee!" :-)  Also, your mom got us a Dora DVD, and in the intro song, at the very end, the Sniper guy says "Aw Man..." and Violet says "Maaaann!"  It's hilarious.


I screwed her up big time, babe.  She is absolutely, positively TERRIFIED of bugs.  Sorry.  But at least she is now another one of my alarms for if there is a bug in the vicinity (along with the cat).

The other day, my mom took the girls upstairs to spa.  I was downstairs lotioning brother after his spa.  T and M were here visiting as well.  Basically 2 seconds after my mom got upstairs and into the bathroom with the girls, I hear Charlotte screaming bloody murder.  I look at T and M and we are like, what's going on?  But I continue with what I'm doing figuring Mom has it all under control.  Then Mom opens the bathroom door and asks for me to come upstairs.  Eeek!  So I run up there and both girls are glued to my mom and screaming/crying.  Apparently, there was a bug flying around and it landed in the tub.  Charlotte saw it before my mom did, and FUH-REAKED OUT.  They hadn't even started putting water in the tub yet!  After that, Charlotte wouldn't even get in the bathtub, T had to hold her while Violet got spa...

Then yesterday, I took the girls outside for a little bit.  Charlotte got into the little black car, but it was all parked in the rocks, so I walk over there to move it.  As I'm like a foot away, I kind of swat back and forth at some bugs while I'm starting to say "Charlotte, you need to get out so I can move it into the grass."  All I said was "Charlotte" and she saw that I was swatting, and she hauled balls out of the car like it was her job!  She basically threw the little door open and half fell out of the car and glued herself to my leg.  I couldn't help but laugh.  She acted the same way I would if someone told me their was a bug in my car!

Yup, there's going to be no fixing that fear... sigh...

Charlotte is being like my dad, just leaving food on her face...  You've got a little something right there... :-)

Charlotte says "Puh Pet" which means "Pillow Pet."  She also says "Violet", it's super cute.  Oh man, and she says "pider" which means "spider" so that we can sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  (Sidenote: if the girls start saying "bitchy" you can blame my mom! :-)  She sings it "The itchy bitchy spider...").  Charlotte also says "Bee bee" which means she wants to sing the Bumblebee song... she likes to ask me to sing the Bumblebee song, and then as soon as I start she says "pider?" and wants me to switch to Itsy Bitsy... And as soon as I start Itsy Bitsy, she says "Bee bee" wanting the Bumblebee song again... that girl, I tell you what...

Sometimes, I wish I could capture just how opposite Violet and Charlotte can be in a picture or video.  But of course, they never perform when I have those out.  The other day, we were playing on the deck.  We made home-made sidewalk chalk (more like side-walk paint).  I had the paint out with sponges, and pitchers of water that we used to make the paint with out on the deck.  They both played with the paint for a while.  Charlotte sat in one spot, with one color, just blobbing it around where she was sitting.  Violet played with all the colors, and would have to blob in this spot, then go blob over here, and then go blob over there.  Then they dumped out ran out of paint, so they started playing with the pitchers of water and the spoons I used to stir the paint with.  Charlotte sat and played with one pitcher, just stirring the water over and over and over again.  Sometimes she would just sit there with her hand and sponge in the water.  Violet was carrying her pitcher all over the deck, trying to steal sister's spoon (despite having one in her hand), she was putting her feet into the paint they had put on the deck and walking around making footprints, and then she would grab a baby wipe and wipe her feet off.  And then repeat this process.  They are just so opposite, it's hilarious.

Let the fun begin!

Violet putting her feet in the paint...

...and then wiping her feet off.

A rare moment of Violet sitting in one spot, while Charlotte is just stirring her water.  :-)
Also, the girls say "Beep beep" now when they want someone or something to get out of their way.  I wonder who they learned that from?  :-)


Oh, that Will.  He is just a freak of nature.  In a good way.  He just got your mellowness and my mellowness, and that's it.  Mellow squared.  He is just so laid back and all like, whatevs...  He's just like, "Hey, I'm going to hang out over here, roll around a little and grab my feet, maybe drool and chew some stuff, possible poop, I'm not sure if there will be enough time."  :-)


He got his first 2 teeth in the other day.  They are the bottom ones.  If I was an organized mom, I probably would have written down in a baby book or something when they came in.  But yeah, it was basically sometime at the end of September, good enough... :-P

He babbles his head off now... blah blah blah, mah mah mah, ooo ooo aah... And he still likes to smile his face off too.  He is such a ham for the camera!  Seriously, when I would get the camera out on the girls, they would just be like "duuuuhhhh" and stare at it.  But as soon as I get the camera out, I don't even have to say anthing, Will just looks at it, and he's all like HUGEST SMILE EVER!  Goofball...

We started giving him cereal about a week ago or so.  I'm still not doing it every day, because we're busy and he doesn't really need it...  We'll keep giving him cereal randomly for another week or so, and then start the fun with baby food!



He is so close to crawling already.  He pushes himself on to all fours and bounces back and forth.  He scooches a little bit backwards, and in a circle...  He can maybe get a centimeter of forward motion, but it's basically just from stretching to reach the toy that I put just out of reach.  I'm nervous when he does become for real mobile.  That's when I started containing the girls to just the living room.  Now it's even worse because there are random cheerios and goldfish that just show up in unknown places.  I need to evaluate the choking hazards we have laying around...

Well, I guess that's some of the latest on the kids.  I wish SO MUCH that you were here to witness everything!  I'm so fricken pissed that you don't get to see this.  It's just not fricken fair.  For reals.  I hate it. With a passion. Basically, it's bullshit. Big steamy bull. shit.

Aaaannnnd.... way to end this email so awesome.

K, lovebuckets.

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  1. Gets me boy is like "why you cryin mom?" Lol geesh! It is bullshit Sarah...I'm sorry, maybe someday you will see the reason, but for now, total sucky b.s.. I'm sorry again.