Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey boo,

How's it going?  We've got some big ol' thunderstorms going on right now!

So, remember one time you got to work and realized you had 1 brown shoe and 1 black shoe on?  Or the other time when you got to daycare to drop the kids off, and realized you had your Crocs on?

Today I got to daycare, and realized I still had my flip-flops on!  Ugh... I usually just slip those on when I'm loading the kids in the car, and then I put my dress shoes on as I'm walking out the door with the last kid to be loaded.  Well, I forgot to do that today!  DANGIT!

Sure, I probably could have pulled off flip-flops as work attire.  I know there are ladies around here who wear some fancy flip-flops.  But these were my junky, $1 Old Navy flip-flops.  And I hate walking around the quiet office making the "flip flop flip flop" noise... Plus, I have another networking lunch today, so I didn't want to be all casual corner!

So, I had to back-track, and drive home to change my shoes.  Of course, I was already running late, so then I was just super mega late... Since I was super mega late anyways, I decided "F- it, I'm getting Subway for breakfast!"  So I stopped and picked up a steak, egg, and cheese on flatbread!  Mmmm... :-)

Anyways, that's more story.  I didn't really have a point, I just had to share!

I miss you like whoa!  Is it weird that I'm adult and I'm scared of thunderstorms?  It sucks being alone when "the thunder booms and lightning flashes!" (do you remember that quote from the kids' book "Pooh's Best Day"?  Yeah, I have all the kids' books basically memorized!).

Ok, hearts and farts!

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