Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kids Say (and Do) the Darndest Things...

Hey boo,

How's it going?  I'm pretty darn tired.

The girls are starting to wake up in the middle of the night because they are "hungry" or "thirsty" or "hot" or a whole bunch of other reasons... And I'm just like WTF?  What happened to my good little sleepers?

Anyways, sometimes I hear the things they say, and I'm just like, oh geez... because it's something I say or have said... Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's bad.  Sometimes it's cute, and sometimes it just reminds me of how I don't always act like the best parent out there.

A cute thing is that when they are putting their dolls or animals on their little toy potty, or the potty in the Little People house, they says "Push it out!"  I say that to them when they are on the potty to remind them to push out their poopoo... :-P

A bad thing was when I was driving with just Violet the other day.  My mom watched the other 2 while I took Violet grocery shopping with me, for some one on one time.  On the way home I stopped to get gas because it was 20cents cheaper than at Meijer.  Of course the station was packed, but someone was leaving as I was pulling in.  Unfortunately, if I pulled in that way, the pump would be on the opposite side of my tank.  So instead of doing some crazy backing-up, Austin Powers, turn-around, I decided to just loop around all the pumps and come back.  Except as I was about to pull in, someone else pulled in from the other side where I just was!  So I said "Thanks Jerk!" because he cut me off and now I had to wait for a pump to open up... So then Violet says "Thanks Jerk!" and of course, my automatic response was "Seriously!" And then I was like, oh wait, that is my 2-year-old saying that.  Awesome.  So she says "Thanks Jerk!" about 20 more times on our way home, and I was just like "Ok Violet, we don't need to say it anymore..." And then I started ignoring her.  And eventually she stopped saying it... Parent of the year!

Violet is our "oldest" and she definitely has acquired some of those traits somehow... She is pretty darn bossy and acts like she runs the show sometimes...  Will was trying to get the sunscreen bottle as I was putting the lotion on all of them so we could go outside.  And Violet grabs it from him and says "No Will!  Don't touch the ice cream!  It's for grown-ups only!"  Yes, they call sunscreen 'ice cream.' It's very confusing sometimes and I know I should correct them, but sometimes it's just so cute. :-)  Anyways, yeah, I say "It's for grown-ups only" for a lot of things... I'm not sure how I feel about her saying that.  I guess it just makes me feel weird, like, is that the right thing I should be saying?

More of 'Little Miss I'm in Charge'...  The girls were in their chairs at the table, and Charlotte was trying to hold Violet's hand, or touch her high chair, or who knows what, and Violet says "No Charlotte! Keep your hands to oh self!"  By 'oh self' she means 'yourself.'  Yup, say that a lot too... Except I say that a lot more to Violet because she is the aggressive one who is always getting up in brother or sister's business... So I tell her to 'keep her hands to herself..'  Again, is that right thing?  I have no idea...

As for the "kids do the darndest things' portion of this email, this one is all about Will.  So, I haven't shaved my legs in like 2 days, but I'm still wearing shorts because it's Sunday, we are at home, we aren't going anywhere, I've got nobody to impress, so who cares?  Apparently, your son cares.  I was sitting on the couch, Violet was sitting on my lap and I had my feet up on the ottoman/bench thing.  Of course Will sees that I'm snuggling someone and he wants a piece of that action too.  So, here he comes, and he puts his hand on my leg to say he wants 'uppie.'  And he just lifts his hand up, then rubs it back and forth on my leg, and looks at me with the most grossed out look on his face!  I was just like, oh my word, are you serious kid?!?!  Then he kept rubbing my leg and looking at me weird... Apparently he's not a fan of my prickly legs! :-P

And yesterday I was trying on some bathing suits that were handed down to us for the girls.  I was a little nervous about them fitting Charlotte, so I put her in one of them, but it's hard to tell when she is standing basically on top of me if it fits OK or not...  So I put her down a few feet away from me and asked her "Are you comfortable?  Let me see what you got going on."  In other words, I wanted to see if it was too tight on the legs or anywhere else... And she just does this half turn and sticks her butt out at me and looks over her shoulder at me!  It was like she was totally asking me if the outfit made her butt look fat?!!  I did a huge laugh that scared Violet (apparently they aren't used to me laughing).  But it was just so funny, how did she know that that is what I was trying to figure out?

Oh, these kids are something else, I tell you what! :-)

Ok, that's it for now.  I miss you more everyday...


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