Thursday, February 6, 2014

Half of a Year

Hey Boo,

How's it going?

So, yeah.  It's been 6 months.  Half of a year.  Blah.

It's weird because it seems like it gone by so fast, and yet so slow, all at the same time.  I hardly have any sense of time anymore...

I miss you.  Always.  I think about you.  Always.

I seriously CANNOT believe that you are gone.  It's been 6 months, and it still hasn't really sunk in.  Will it ever?

In case you were wondering, your bathroom still smells like you...  Not it a gross way! :-)  It smells like you after a shower.  Like your soap.  And your cologne.  I pretty much haven't done anything to your bathroom, except brush my teeth in it, and grab towels.  Otherwise, it is still the way you left it.  6 months ago.  Your glasses are on the counter, with your contact case.  Your toothbrush is by the sink.  Your razor is in the shower.  I just don't think I will ever be able to move, or change, or do anything to that bathroom.

Half of a year.  How is this even possible?!?!

I love you times a million.


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