Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hey boo,

How's it going?

So, last week on the way to the girls' gymnastics class, I pulled up to a stoplight next to a Maserati.

Obviously, in the spirit of you, I was scoping it out.  Because in the past, if I came home and was like "Babe, I saw a Maserati on the road today", you would have proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions about it to determine what type of Maserati it was.  Then you would have Googled it and showed me pictures, until I was like, "Yeah, it was one like that."

Well, I obviously knew that just because of the brand, the car probably cost something like 4 years worth of my salary.  And of course, it looked shiny and nice.  But I was trying to figure out if YOU would think it was cool.

Just this past June, I was secretly trying to rent a "cool" car for you to drive for your 30th birthday.  And I wasn't having much success getting the obvious cars that I was 100% sure you thought were cool.  So, I was trying to be sly to see if I could go after a different type...

We were driving around one day and saw some car that had a "throaty" sounding engine, and I asked you if it was cool.  You said "It was OK..."  which surprised me, because I thought it looked like a nice car and that you would FOR SURE think it was cool based on how it sounded!

So, I just asked "What makes a car cool?"
And you said "Stance."
And I said "What?!?!  What the heck does that mean???"
And you were like, "You know... Staaannnnccce..."
And I was like, "K, thanks for clearing that up for me!" :-P
So you said "It has to look like it's about to pounce!"
Me:  "Um, it's a car, not our cat."
You:  "It has to look like it's going FAST even when it's STANDING STILL!"
Me:  "Ooohhhhh!  Ok, like 'Slow down, this is a neighborhood!'" (I was referencing this commercial:

You:  "Exactly."

So anyways, back to this Maserati...  It was already at the stoplight as I was approaching and pulled up next to it.  As I said, I was busy scoping it out to see if it was a "Chaz cool" car.  And then of course I made eye contact with the driver.  Eeek!  Before I could look away, I felt like the guy was like "Sup, yeah, I'm in a car that is the price of your house.  How do you like them apples?"  And obviously I thought, "Oh man, this guy wants me to race him!!!! Should I rev my engine!?!??"  Yes, I was driving the minivan.  And yes, I was only joking to myself.  I'm hilarious like that.

I think that your response to eye contact with the driver would have been a "Sup" head nod that guys do.  But what do I know...?

So anyways, the light turned green, and in my head, I could picture you saying something like "Get it, dude!  Drop the hammer!"

He did not "get it"  and there was no "hammer dropping."  We were on 32nd.  The speed limit is 35 mph.  But I guesstimate he was doing upwards of about 41 mph!  Risque! :-P

Anyways, the moral of the story is, there are about 472,578,963,102,854 things each day that remind me of, and make me think of you.  One of those being:  cars.  And I will always remember that "stance" determines the coolness of a car.

I miss you.


P.S.  I had to do some Googling about this car, and did you know that the shoe Fiat dealership is also a Maserati dealership??? That's probably why that car was cruising around our neck of the woods...

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