Monday, October 28, 2013

Grown Up Crap

Hi Boo,

How's it going?  I'm just crabby, blah, annoyed, frustrated, and sad...

So, I hate dealing with "grown up" stuff... Like paying bills, making big decisions, and health insurance crap.

We have COBRA or whatever for our health, dental, and prescription insurance now, and it is SO CONFUSING!  I never know who to call when I have questions.  I don't even understand what COBRA means!

I'm so frustrated right now because I don't know what company our prescription insurance is through anymore... I've had to pay full price for 2 prescriptions because I don't have a prescription card from anybody, and I needed the scripts right away, so I was just like, whatever, I'll pay for them... Um, FYI, prescriptions aren't cheap.  Ugh...

So, I'm trying to figure it out, and I call the COBRA people.  They say I have prescription coverage through so-and-so company.  K, cool, I have a card for that.  I go to the pharmacy, give them the card, and they are like, this is not right... WTF?!?!

So, I call so-and-so company and ask what my coverage is.  They are like, you don't have any... More WTF?!?!

So, then I call the COBRA people again.  They tell me that I have coverage through that same so-and-so company.  I tell them that I just called so-and-so, and they said I don't have coverage.  The lady was like, well, I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'll send them an urgent message to get it updated, give them 7-10 business days to update their system.  WTF?!?! I need prescriptions NOW!  I can't wait 7-10 days... grrr...

So yeah, now I have to wait and see if they get their crap updated... Hopefully I'll be reimbursed for whatever I paid... I think I need to save receipts or something...

Anyways, I'm just blah about all this stuff.   I hate being a grown up.

I miss you.  Love.

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