Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weather People

Hey boo,

How's it going?

So, this morning at work, the topic of weather came up.  And then we began discussing the weather people on the news...

A co-worker was name certain weather people, it brought up stuff that you and I used to talk about it... I was like, oh yeah, that woman works 24/7, she's on the early morning news and the 11pm news... Remember always talking about that?

We also talked about one of the weekend weather people that you couldn't stand.  You used to always complain about her face... haha!

And then the person brought up Ginger Zee and I just started laughing.  I was like, oh yeah, I know Ginger Zee.  I used to tease Chaz all the time that he had a crush on her.  Remember how you would go on and on about Ginger Zee on the weekend weather on Good Morning America?

And then I realized, we are huge dorks!  Why did we talk so much about the weather people on the news!?!?!?

Even if it was extremely dorky, I still miss it.  I miss you...


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