Monday, March 3, 2014

A Day in the Life...

Hey boo,

How's it going?

So, ya know how I always said that I wish we were on a reality TV show, because then there would be cameras around, capturing EVERY SINGLE moment of our lives?  But for some reason it seems like the only time I ever whip out my camera or video camera is when the kids are doing something super cool, or we are doing something fun?  Well, I'm trying to whip it out when we are doing the absolute most mundane things ever.  Because I want EVERY MOMENT captured.  "Cool" or not.

Like a typical day when we are just eating breakfast.

Or just random playtime, when nothing special is going on, nobody is doing any "new tricks."  Just playing with toys.

Because like this quote says, someday those mundane things are going to be the true special moments.  Actually, those things are pretty darn special right now.  Just having this "ordinary" time with the kids. But I want to REMEMBER them.

Not sure of original source, found in Google Image search.

Despite videoing "normal" times, I still can't capture EVERYTHING.  I try to take a "mental snapshot" of certain moments and burn that image, or sound, or moment into my head.

Like a few weeks ago when the winter Olympics were on... I had the TV on and ice skating was showing.  Charlotte pointed to it and said "Spin around!"  And I said "Yup, she is spinning around."  And in my head I thought, 'Oh my word, what if someday Charlotte grows up to be an ice skater?  This would be the first time she was ever exposed to it!  I have to remember it, just in case!"  I know, it's silly!  But there was a commercial (I think it was P&G) that showed moms helping out there kids since they were tiny, as they worked at their sport to become Olympians.

What if our kids become Olympians someday?

The girls are also singing a lot more.  "Baa baa black sheep baa wool!" is one of their current faves.  What if someday they are Broadway singers?!?!? "Remember remember remember their early days of singing," I tell myself.

And Will has a little teeny tiny basketball hoop.  He'll "slam dunk" the ball and then look at me.  What if someday he's in a basketball game and "dunks" it, and then turns to look at me in the crowd.  Jiminy Christmas, it makes me tear up just thinking about it!  But I want to remember his FIRST dunk forever!

Obviously, I have high hopes for our kids.  What parent doesn't?  Even if they end up being something "boring," like an accountant, I will remember their early days of counting. "Two, three, two, five, six, seven, eight..."  For some reason, they always skip 4, and they never start at one.  But Violet made it up to 13 the other day, and Charlotte's gone up to eleven.  We count the steps as we go up the stairs.  We count their goldfish crackers, or their pieces of sausage.  We count a lot of stuff.  So if they are accountants, I'll tell them all about it someday.

Remember. Remember. Remember.

Like I said before, it's all about the little things...

Anyways, here's one of our "mundane" videos of playtime.  Just another day in the life...


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