Saturday, March 8, 2014

Potty Training

Hey Boo,

How's it going?

So... potty training... yeah...

Can I just say, how the frick am I supposed to potty train 2 kids at once?!?!

The girls are totally ready for it.  But I'm not. Even though it will save us money on diapers and it probably would be easier than changing diapers all the time, I have absolutely no desire to potty train the girls.  It just sounds exhausting to me.

They go on the potty all the time at school.  I feel like there are many days where they go every single time they are put on the potty.  They still go in their diapers, but I'm pretty sure that's a good sign that they are ready for it.

And at home, they ask me to go on the potty.  Violet usually asks to go when she has to go poo-poo.  She's gone #2 on the potty twice for me in the last couple months.  And even if she doesn't go #2, she usually does #1.

And it's so hard, because sometimes they want to go potty on the potty, and it's like, Really? We're in the middle of eating dinner... ugh... Or, Really?  We are trying to get out the door in the morning before work/school, and it takes like 20 minutes to do the whole potty thing with 2 kids (taking the pants/diaper off, sitting on the potty, waiting for them to go or not go, wiping, putting diaper and pants back on, washing hands, cleaning up the potties)!  Seriously, ugh...

And I just want to tell them to wait, or just go in their diaper.  And I have done that before.  And I know that it is probably horrible, and totally counteractive, and now that will just make them so confused when I really start to potty train them...


Also, it is so hard to celebrate and be like "Yay for going on the potty!" when there are 2 little toddlers running around with no pants on in our teeny tiny bathroom, with 2 little potties that they are trying move after there is already pee-pee in them.  And if brother is crying in the kitchen, it's even worse!  It's basically just mad chaos, and I have no idea what to do.  I feel like I'm yelling at them more than celebrating.  "No, don't touch the pee-pee."  "No don't pick up the potty."  "Just stay sitting down and I will put your pants on when I'm done putting sister's pants on."  "Just sit down, because now I have to wash sister's hands.  It's almost your turn to get cleaned up."

Seriously, I. DO. NOT. KNOW. WHAT. I'M. DOING.

However, I can see that there might be some advantage to training 2 at once.  Because the girls love to copy each other.  So if one goes, then the other goes...

But that's probably the only positive in this whole situation...

I feel like I always hear that you shouldn't potty train your kids when a big change is coming up, or around the time of a stressful event.  Well, I feel like a PARENT shouldn't potty train while experiencing a traumatic event!

So anyways, that's the latest... I have no idea what my plan is with that whole thing.  But it's just another thing that I stress out about.

K, that's it.  Hearts.

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